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Moonberg offers high-quality content about cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3 through its websites and applications.

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We want to guide you through the crypto space.

  • Our mission Mission

    We are on a mission to constantly expand the knowledge of crypto users with powerful and trustworthy content.

  • Our vision Vision

    Untangling a complex industry.
    We want to be the ultimate guide for everyone in the crypto space.

  • Our purpose Purpose

    We are here to help people understand the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

  • Our promise Promise

    Education. Information.
    Delivered with Passion.

Crypto24 App

Crypto24 helps you to follow the latest news of the cryptocurrency world. Our app offers comprehensive cryptocurrency news, updates, and information across varied media. Crypto24 collects news from the industry's leading media outlets, experts, and influencers.

  • News aggregation

    The content is aggregated from numerous reliable sources.

  • Multiple platforms

    Crypto24 covers multiple platforms like News Sites, YouTube, Podcasts and Twitter.

  • User Friendly

    Crypto24 provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

  • 100% free without ads

    No subscription, hidden costs or advertisements.

CryptoAcademy Logo

CryptoAcademy Preview Coming soon

CryptoAcademy is the place to go if you love articles about crypto that are well-researched and provide tons of value. We love digging deep into different aspects of crypto. This way, we can produce clear guides and unique answers to the industry's many questions. You will find a broad range of content, including guidebooks, industry studies, and detailed checklists. CryptoAcademy wants to help people gain reliable knowledge of the crypto space and make better investment decisions. A special bonus is our weekly newsletter, which you should check out ASAP!

  • High quality

    We provide in-depth crypto education.

  • Research

    All our articles contain well researched, reliable information.

  • Crypto guides

    CryptoAcademy offers ultimate guides for every major topic in the blockchain space.

  • Weekly Newsletter

    You get a weekly Newsletter covering everything you need to know in the crypto world.

CryptoMaxx Logo

CryptoMaxx Preview Coming soon

CryptoMaxx is an all-in-one crypto education and information site, constantly updated with fresh content. You can find articles addressing all the hot topics of the crypto space, as well as reviews and rankings for related products and services. In the learning section, there are in-depth guides and tutorials for all matters crypto. CryptoMaxx News will keep you at the forefront of any developments relating to cryptocurrency, blockchain and Web3. For beginner or advanced crypto users alike, you will be able to expand your crypto knowledge through CryptoMaxx.

  • Best Of

    ‘Best Of’ articles for tools, products, projects, and services in the crypto space.

  • Learn

    Learning section covering all necessary topics to get you started learning about.

  • Reviews

    Reliable and objective reviews with the most relevant features.

  • Trends

    Analysis of the latest trends and projects.

What is the Moonberg Group?

The Moonberg Group was founded in 2022 with the idea that everyone should be able to develop their knowledge of the crypto industry.

We are dedicated to providing reliable, educational, and informational content through our products.

Moonberg is here to guide you through the exciting world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

  • Founded in 2022 by crypto enthusiasts
  • Headquarters located in Cyprus
  • Building an ecosystem of Apps and websites
  • Focused on research and educational content
Moonberg Team Collage

Our core values are the heartbeat of our company and a reflection of what we stand for.

They drive our business forward and guide our decisions and actions.

  • 01

    A fundamental belief of our company is integrity. We stick to our word and our commitments.

  • 02

    We approach every task ahead of us with an innovative mindset to come up with the best solution.

  • 03

    We spare no effort in meeting your demands. Every choice we make has our customers in mind.

  • 04

    Everybody in our team is passionate about their work. We have a heartfelt commitment to quality.

Moonberh Team

Our Team

We have a can-do attitude with the drive to deliver excellent products.

  • Stefan Zinke Stefan Zinke CEO

    “Per aspera ad astra.”

  • Dimitris Antoniadis Dimitris Antoniadis SEO Expert and Content Creator

    “Hard work empowers you.”

  • Charis Louca Charis Louca Content Creator

    “I know that I know nothing.” - Socrates

  • Isabella Lazzari Isabella Lazzari Social Media Manager

    “Don’t follow your dreams, follow my Twitter.”

  • Charis Aristodimou Charis Aristodimou Content Creator

    “Acta non verba.”

  • John Kyprianou John Kyprianou Content Creator

    “The fast and the furious.”

  • Anthi Koune Anthi Koune Graphic Designer

    “Things aren't always #000000 and #FFFFFF.”

  • Stefan B. Stefan Boronczyk Software Engineer / UI-Designer

    “Never missed a deadline”

Listen to our customers

Don’t just take our word for it.

  • “It was a pleasure to work with the Moonberg Group. They know their stuff, and they have a professional and reliable work ethic. Anytime again! ”

    Tristan Kreuziger, Striked GmbH
    Tristan Kreuziger CEO, Striked GmbH
  • “Moonberg provided us with state-of-the-art content for a deep dive into the newest DeFi protocols and mechanisms. If you are interested in educating yourself on blockchain and crypto knowledge, they are the place to go.”

    Lisa G. News Website Owner
  • “I was fortunate to get advice from the Moonberg Group for an upcoming NFT collection. The analytics and consulting were spot on. Thank you!”

    Vladimir D. NFT Marketing Expert

Open positions

Be part of our story. Join our team.

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Frequently asked questions

  • The Moonberg Group was founded in 2022 in Cyprus. We are developing websites and applications that provide high-quality, educational, and reliable content. We are on a mission to constantly expand the knowledge of crypto users, providing them with powerful, trustworthy, and objective means to do so.

  • We are all crypto enthusiasts with a passion for the endless use cases of blockchain technology. We believe in the great benefits that can be achieved by using this innovative and inclusive technology. We have specialists for each sector and category of the crypto space to stay updated with new trends and technological developments.

  • We run the website and the App Further products are in the making. Stay tuned.

  • We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team. Please take a look at our careers section.

  • If you would like to publish a well researched and unique article, you are welcome to contact us. Every article is published with the photo and name of the author.

  • We take research seriously and confirm the authenticity of the presented information by comparing different established sources. We additionally include relevant links to external sources, so you can do your own research.